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GermanBohemian and Alpenglow Collab: Agent Au by FuturisticaEpica GermanBohemian and Alpenglow Collab: Agent Au :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 0 Alpenglow and Germanbohemian Collab by FuturisticaEpica Alpenglow and Germanbohemian Collab :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 0
Phonsia the ENTP and Arsenia the ESTP
PHONSIA: Wait, if Natalia's technically my mom, and Arsenia's Natalia's technical sister, does that make me Arsenia's technical niece?!
ARSENIA: Technically. ;)
:iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 0 0
Bad Pickupline from GERMANICUS
GERMANICUS: You turn my software into hardware~
SIGFRID: Yeah, because you're the size of a USB drive.
:iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 0
Untitled by FuturisticaEpica Untitled :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 11 Phonsia the Pyrotechnician by FuturisticaEpica Phonsia the Pyrotechnician :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 2 6 Halogen Uniform by FuturisticaEpica Halogen Uniform :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 6 Chalcogen Uniform by FuturisticaEpica Chalcogen Uniform :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 0 Pnictogen Uniform by FuturisticaEpica Pnictogen Uniform :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 2 0 Crystallogen Uniform by FuturisticaEpica Crystallogen Uniform :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 0 Icosagen Uniform by FuturisticaEpica Icosagen Uniform :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 3 0 Hyma X Winifred by FuturisticaEpica Hyma X Winifred :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 0 Winifred Therona Friedrichowitz by FuturisticaEpica Winifred Therona Friedrichowitz :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 0 Celtic Zodiac Bird Squad by FuturisticaEpica Celtic Zodiac Bird Squad :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 3 0
Human Names For Planet OCs! :D
MERCURY: Dashiell Quicksilver (Okay, this is WAY too obvious).
VENUS: Delyth Beaufort[-Biološkia] (Delyth is a Welsh name that comes from a word meaning ‘pretty’, and Beaufort is a name that I just liked. Since Venus and Earth are half siblings, I added Earth’s surname here, too).
EARTH: Gaia/Gaius Biološkia/Biološki (Gaia is the name of the Greek Earth goddess, and Gaius is the name’s masculine counterpart. Biološki is the Croatian translation of ‘biologic’, and I just made up Biološkia as a feminine counterpart).
MARS: Audacia Rostlund (Audacia is the Latin translation of audacious, and Rostlund comes from the words rost, which is German for ‘Rust’ and lund, which I thought sounded enough like ‘land).
JUPITER: Jovan Bülent (Jovan is a Latin name that means ‘Father of the Sky’, and it comes from Jove, who’s basically Jupiter. Bülent is a Turkish surname that means ‘Tall
:iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 1 0
Audacia and Gaia/Gaius (Mars and Earth! :D) by FuturisticaEpica Audacia and Gaia/Gaius (Mars and Earth! :D) :iconfuturisticaepica:FuturisticaEpica 2 0


Coinage Metals by Alpenglow-Sunset Coinage Metals :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 5 0 Platinides (Minus Platinum) by Alpenglow-Sunset Platinides (Minus Platinum) :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 4 0 Platinum by Alpenglow-Sunset Platinum :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 3 0 Life Essentials + Ruthenium and Google Translate by Alpenglow-Sunset Life Essentials + Ruthenium and Google Translate :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 6 2 Silicon Reference Concept by Alpenglow-Sunset Silicon Reference Concept :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 5 6 Scandium Reference Concept by Alpenglow-Sunset Scandium Reference Concept :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 4 0 Ytterbium Reference Concept by Alpenglow-Sunset Ytterbium Reference Concept :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 3 0 Love Has No Race by Alpenglow-Sunset Love Has No Race :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 4 0 My New Icon by Alpenglow-Sunset My New Icon :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 5 0 Fire Signs Portraits by Alpenglow-Sunset Fire Signs Portraits :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 7 4 Libra Portrait by Alpenglow-Sunset Libra Portrait :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 5 0 Water Signs Portraits by Alpenglow-Sunset Water Signs Portraits :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 6 0 Air Signs Portraits by Alpenglow-Sunset Air Signs Portraits :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 4 6 Earth Signs Portraits by Alpenglow-Sunset Earth Signs Portraits :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 6 4 All Zodiac Signs Portraits by Alpenglow-Sunset All Zodiac Signs Portraits :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 7 90 Honorary Zodiac Signs Portraits by Alpenglow-Sunset Honorary Zodiac Signs Portraits :iconalpenglow-sunset:Alpenglow-Sunset 5 25



 This will be the last message on this account from Yeruslan Voronsky. All future messages will be from either Lutz Zschietzschmann (Signed L.Z. or N.I.) or Cordelia Avalonne (Signed C.A. or C.O.) 

If I ever come back here to post a message, it'll be signed Y.V. or F.E. 
Lutz Zschietzschmann here. Yeruslan, Cordelia and I have all agreed that this account will be used only by Cordelia and I. We will use FuturisticaEpica as an account to post WIPs (works in progress) here, and/or art collabs. 
Important news: I'm retiring from DeviantART. Due to my busy schedule, and lack of free time to draw and upload, I will be retiring my account. I will still be active on my,,,,, and KiK accounts. In this respective order, these are my accounts: 





5). Yeruslan Voronsky 

6). EternalNight123 

As a final note, either Cordelia (Alpenglow-Sunset) or Lutz (GermanBohemian) will take over my account for me. 
Our Foursome, the DeviantSquad 

:iconalpenglow-sunset: Alpenglow-Sunset 

:iconyobroshi: YoBrosHi 


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